Bridging the Gap Between Student Work and Successful Open Source Projects

The Center for Research in Open Source Software (CROSS), part of the Baskin School of Engineering at UC Santa Cruz, was founded based on the success of former UCSC student Sage Weil and the Ceph storage system. At CROSS, we create open source leaders by blending open source strategies with graduate-level research in a concentrated environment of mentorship and interaction with world class industry, academia, and open source experts. CROSS transfers cutting-edge technology resulting from student research to industry via successful open source projects. Our projects are mentored and guided by a team of experts chosen specifically to best ensure success.

CROSS supports work on a wide variety of cutting edge software and technologies. We currently supports 7 open source-related projects-- 5 research projects and 2 incubator projects. These projects include:

  • SkyhookDM: Programmable Storage for Databases
  • Black Swan: Popper Reproducibility Platform
  • Live Hardware Development (LiveHD): A productive infrastructure for Synthesis and Simulation
  • CAvSAT: A System for Query Answering over Inconsistent Databases
  • Eusocial Storage Devices: Quantifying the Benefits of Offloading to Smart Storage Devices
  • Mapping Datasets to Object Storage
  • OSAVC: Open Source Autonomous Vehicle Controller
  • Managing Blufferbloat in Storage Systems

Our GSoC mentors include UCSC professors, research scientists, post-docs and senior graduate students, all actively working on CROSS supported OSS-related projects.

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  • c/c++
  • c++17
  • arrow
  • ceph
  • robotics


  • Other
  • hardware
  • storage
  • databases
  • sensors
  • callibration
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Center for Research in Open Source Software, UC Santa Cruz 2021 Projects

  • Jixin Chen
    Alpine, macOS support
    LiveHD only supports glibc-based Linux at the moment. We can extend support to other platforms like Alpine Linux and macOS, so more people can use...
  • Rishikesh Vanarse
    IMU Calibration & Self-Correction Algorithm for Open Source Autonomous Vehicle Controller
    Information obtained from an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is constrained due to physical limitations such as noise, drifts, misalignments and...
  • Mishal Singhai
    Object Centric Data Storage PDC_Ceph Rados Integration
    In this project, I am working on integrating the Proactive data Containers with Ceph Rados with the help of Configuring the librados (Library file...
  • Rupal Sharma
    Path finding algorithm using OpenCV
    Briefly, the problem is detecting the course markers to help an autonomous vehicle find an optimal trajectory to complete the circuit. The idea is to...
  • Yash Jipkate
    Port wiki to ReadTheDocs or another documentation platform
    Skyhook Data Management is programmable storage for databases. Every software needs documentation that is easily accessible and easy to use/refer to....