In-memory computing platform

Tarantool is an integration of a Lua application server and a database management system. The DBMS was originally developed as an in-memory NoSQL DBMS, and later it was extended with a disk storage engine option. Now it is positioned as in-memory computing platform. Tarantool's in-memory engine is lock-free. It uses cooperative multitasking to handle thousands of connections simultaneously. There is a fixed number of independent execution threads and they do not share state. The disk-based storage engine also exploits the advantage of single-threaded requests and hence avoid unnecessary synchronization overhead. Tarantool also supports secondary indexes, asynchronous replication, and some SQL operations.

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  • c
  • lua
  • sql


  • Data and Databases
  • high performance data processing
  • in-memory data grid
  • algorithms
  • distributed systems
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Tarantool 2021 Projects

  • Anastasiy Belyaev
    C++ connector enhancement
    Tarantool’s team has released a new C++ connector, which is based on compile-time MsgPack encoder/decoder. Reaching the limits of C++, this library...
  • Georgiy Lebedev
    LLVM JIT engine for Tarantool's DQL
    Tarantool's SQLite-derivative VM code for SQL engine known as 'vdbe' is creating a performance bottleneck: self-execution of the main part of the...
  • Anastasia Neklepaeva
    Various SQL VM improvements: threaded interpretation and instruction merging
    Tarantool uses SQL VM with conventional interpretation technique: loop over instruction, inside which dispatching switch-case executes logic of...