Open Roberta® Lab is an online IDE introducing kids to program robots with NEPO®

Fun, innovative and designed for more gender equality in STEM – the Roberta initiative by Fraunhofer IAIS has been promoting digital skills for more than 18 years. Alongside teacher trainings and gender-sensitive school materials, we focus primarily on developing and expanding our visual open-source programming platform “Open Roberta Lab”.

As one of the leading institutes for applied AI research in Europe, Fraunhofer IAIS aims to use Open Roberta a way to get more people excited about creating new technologies. We provide a simple and easy to use programming environment for literally everybody: in 2020 alone, more than 3 million people from 120 countries programmed their robots and microcontrollers using the Blockly-based programming language "NEPO".

The Open Roberta Lab is a web application running in every browser. A simulation is available for those who don't have a real robot at hand. Especially in times of Corona, this simulation has proven to be of great value. A growing number of robots and microcontrollers are now available as simulations in the Lab.

Open Roberta is becoming increasingly popular with a worldwide community of teachers. In addition to tutorials that can be created independently via an editor, teachers also have the ability to coordinate their classes' assignments and programs in groups.

The backend is written in Java. It provides user management and robot support in the shape of an evolving plugin system. Each robot subsystem handles code generation and communication with the robot. As of now the project comes with 14 different robot plugins. Visit them on!

Interested? Do good and use your skills to prepare a new generation for the digital world that they can not only use, but also shape!

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  • java
  • typescript
  • python
  • c++
  • go


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