The elegant and ethical desktop experience.

The GNOME project builds the technologies, platform, middle-ware, applications and environment to create a free software solution for using your personal computer. As part of your GSoC internship, you will have an opportunity to attend GNOME's biggest annual conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, at the end of August.

The GNOME project is:


Our board is democratically elected, and technical decisions are made by the engineers doing the work. We are supported by many organisations; employees from over a hundred companies have contributed since the project began.


We believe that software should be developed in the open. Our development infrastructure and communication channels are public, and our code can be freely downloaded, modified and shared with others. All our contributors have the same rights.


Our project is an important part of the Free Software ecosystem. We work with other free projects to create high-quality solutions that span the entire software stack.


Our software is translated into many languages and comes with built in accessibility features. This means that it can be used by anyone, regardless of the language they speak or their physical abilities.

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  • gtk
  • python
  • c
  • javascript
  • rust


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GNOME Foundation 2021 Projects

  • Maximiliano Sandoval
    Design tooling: port to gtk 4
    The design tooling consists of a small set of applications that boosts the design team and developers productivity. App Icon Preview, Symbolic...
  • Kai A. Hiller
    Fractal NEXT
    Fractal stands on the brink of adapting new technologies. With the release of GTK 4, the evolution of Fractal’s new foundation – the matrix-rust-sdk...
  • Alejandro Domínguez
    Fractal: Multi account support
    Fractal currently supports only one account, if you want to be connected at the same time with different accounts the user has to launch several...
  • Nishal Kulkarni
    Implement active resource management in GNOME
    Better resource management in Linux Desktop will help in providing a snappier experience to users by making sure that there is a fair distribution of...
  • Manuel Genovés
    Libadwaita animation API
    This is a proposal for the design and implementation of an animation API for libadwaita, as the GNOME ecosystem lacks a framework to provide...
  • Dhanuka Warusadura.
    libsecret: Extend file backend to use TPM2 derived encryption keys
    The current implementation of libsecret's file backend uses an encryption key derived from the user's login password. Security wise this not an ideal...
  • visvesh subramanian
    Redesigning Health's MainView
    It is one of the existing project ideas:
  • Arijit Kundu
    Rework of Faces of GNOME website
    The ultimate goal of the project is to develop & rework the Faces of GNOME website using modern site generators & JavaScript to showcase past,...
  • zbrown
    Shell: Implementing Layout Managers in Rust
    Exploration of the benefits of implementing layout manager in rust
  • Ivan Molodetskikh
    Shell: update screenshot and screen recorder
    gnome-shell allows taking screenshots and has a built-in screen recorder, it can take screenshots and record screencasts of an area, a window or the...
  • Nishit Patel
    Tracker-miners: File creation time
    Tracker-miners is the indexer used for extracting the metadata from different file types. The project aims to provide the support for storing...
  • Abanoub Ghadban
    tracker: Improve custom ontology support
    The goal of the project is improving tracker support for custom ontologies. The goal is achieved by solving some bugs which face the application...