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The VideoLAN project is led by and composed of a team of volunteers who believe in the power of open source to rock the multimedia world.

VideoLAN hosts many open source projects, related to multimedia, including the famous VLC media player, the fastest AV1 decoder dav1d and the most popular H264 encoder x264.

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  • c
  • c++
  • machine learning
  • video codecs
  • audio


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VideoLAN 2021 Projects

  • Kodjo Laurent Egbakou
    Added new features to LibVLCSharp and fixed bugs
    Add lock button, Equalizer UI, Track management, Next & Previous button MediaElement, extend gesture support, Add docs on how to custom style/bind...
  • Metehan Arslan
    Advanced Audio Filters
    Upmixing stereo sound sample to more than two channels. With this filter you get much realistic surround stage effects.
  • Pushpinder Pal Singh
    Making VLC iOS app a one stop shop for all the media consumption and management
    The aim of my project is to make VLC a one-stop-shop for all media consumption and management on iOS.
  • George Vaindirlis
    MPD Server in VLC
    An MPD Server would be very helpful for remotely controlling the VLC Media Player. There are many great MPD Clients (including open source ones)...
  • Davide Pietrasanta
    Real-time subtitles for movies
    I want VLC to have the ability to subtitle in real-time, obviously without having subtitles available. I would therefore like to implement a Machine...
  • Nasir Hemed
    Visualizing AV1 features using an analyzer
    Extracting metadata from AV1 videos is very useful for codec research. This metadata can be used to create a video analyzer, analyze coding...
  • Anubhav Singh-1
    VLC iOS UI update
    Update the user interface of vlc-ios to match or surpass the Android app.
  • Sam Bassaly
    VLC macOS interface redesign
    VLC is the most widely used media-player. It supports wide-range of media formats, both audio and video. For macOS, the UI is outdated, and needs a...
  • Adam Leung
    VLC Qt interface redesign
    The VideoLAN organisation has transformed the digital audio and media space since its inception over 10 years ago. The ease of use of its forerunning...