Working together to improve the Free and Open Source Silicon ecosystem

The Free and Open Source Silicon (FOSSi) Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with the support the growing community of open source silicon hardware. We do this with a variety of activities and through Google Summer of Code we bring together enthusiastic students and outstanding projects. Under our umbrella are open source silicon hardware projects, operating systems and compilers for such projects, tools for electronic design automation and the related ecosystem.

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  • risc-v
  • web development
  • jenkins


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Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation 2021 Projects

  • Lakshmi S
    Black Parrot on Open-Source Google-Skywater 130nm node
    Black Parrot is a tiny, modular Linux capable open-source processor core that encourages external contributions and strives for infrastructure...
  • Ninad Jangle
    Block Based Circuit Design
    Block-Based Circuit Design is a solution to counter the complexity of Circuit Design. We aim to develop and deploy a Block-Based TL-Verilog solution...
  • Veronia Iskandar
    Bring up CV32E40P AI accelerator on FPGA
    The open-source RISC-V instruction set architecture is gaining interest throughout industry and academia. One advantage of RISC-V is the ability to...
  • Harshitha S
    Formal Verification of Mor1kx processor using Yosys-Formal tools
    OpenRISC’s mor1kx is one of the old open source projects with more sophisticated and multi-core features. FuseSoC support for mor1kx makes it unique,...
  • Zeeshan Rafique
    M-extension support for SERV
    This project aims to design and integrate the integer “Multiplication and Division Unit (MDU)” with SERV core as a co-processor. The MDU will support...
  • Nazerke Turtayeva
    Multi-level TLB support for Ariane
    The memory to CPU bottleneck is one of the fundamental and essential issues of commodity processors. With sweeply increasing computing speed,...
  • Guillem Lopez Paradis
    Parallelising Verilog RTL Simulations Using MPI
    This project will focus on a current problem in the Hardware community: The speed of RTL Simulations. These types of simulations are a necessary step...
  • Adithya Sunil Edakkadan
    Porting BaseJump STL to FuseSoC
    The objective of this project is to port BaseJump STL to FuseSoC so that new projects can directly reuse these hand-optimized IP cores rather than...
  • Nitin Mishra
    TensorCore Extension for Deep Learning
    Deep Learning continues to be a key application for a range of services nowadays - from autonomous vehicles to data centers and even in embedded...
  • Bala Dhinesh
    Virtual FPGA Lab
    Field-Programmable Gate Array(FPGA) is a hardware circuit that a user can program to carry out logical operations. FPGAs are beneficial for...
  • Vineet Jain
    WARP-V Many-Core in the Cloud
    The WARP-V is an open-source and highly configurable, adaptable, and flexible Core generator. It supports various ISA like MIPS, Open-Source RISC-V,...