Fortran Programming Language

Fortran-lang ( is a young open source community, formed in December 2019 with the goal to develop modern infrastructure for the language and online platforms for Fortran programmers to collaborate and interact in a friendly, inclusive, and professional setting. Fortran-lang's flagship projects are the Fortran Standard Library (stdlib,, Fortran Package Manager (fpm,, and the Fortran website ( In only 14 months, stdlib has had >140 pull requests merged from 23 contributors, with a total of 43 new procedures and types over 11 modules, and continues to grow. Largely modeled after Rust's Cargo, fpm is a build system and package manager dedicated to Fortran with the key goal to improve programmer happiness. Fpm is already capable of building complex Fortran projects, automatically fetching and building dependencies, and bootstrapping itself. The Fortran website provides all the latest information about Fortran compilers, libraries, and community, as well as an actively developed tutorial. Fortran-lang issues monthly newsletters that detail the relevant news and updates to the projects, and distributes them on Twitter and on its mailing list. Finally, the Fortran Discourse ( is a moderated and inclusive online forum for discussion and collaboration, which, since May 2020, has attracted 146 active users from all over the world.

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  • fortran
  • python
  • c/c++
  • compiler
  • llvm


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Fortran-lang 2021 Projects

  • Jakub Jelinek
    Handling compiler arguments
    This project should broaden the functionality of being able to specify flags for compilation profiles, which is so far quite limited. It should also...
  • Rohit Goswami
    LFortran and Computational Chemistry
    The overarching goal of the project is to have a minimum viable project which can compile the dftatom project which is of personal interest to me as...
  • Thirumalai Shaktivel
    LFortran: Finish AST generation
    This project aims to ensure that all the grammar rules defined are exposed to the AST(Abstract Syntax Tree) level. ‣ Basically working on Lexical...
  • Chetan Karwa
    Linked List in stdlib of Fortran-lang
    The Fortran offers all the ingredients needed for building modules of various data types such as linked-list, maps, binary tree, etc. This project...
  • Aman Godara
    Project Strings: Improving strings support in Fortran
    Addition of deferred length variables in Fortran 2003 provides a user with an utility to leave the responsibility of allocating the required space to...