• Piotrek Brzeziński

    "Focus on the music" - music-oriented editing for everyone
    Organization: Pitivi
    This project, based on this idea by the Pitivi team, aims to implement an easy to use feature which lets users quickly synchronise their edits - be...
  • Farjad Ilyas

    "Migrating to Scoped Storage" By Farjad Ilyas, 2021
    Organization: AnkiDroid
    This project aims to migrate the AnkiDroid App to Scoped Storage. It will follow Google's recommended approach. This will involve migrating user data...
  • Debaditya Pal

    (Activeloop) Create an interactive onboarding environment for new users of Hub
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    The Activeloop organization provides data scientists worldwide with a solution to these problems so that they can spend more time training their...
  • Rohit Verma

    (Live) listener statistics for Icecast
    Organization: Xiph.Org Foundation
    Icecast supports writing a basic access.log that includes client information as well as connection time. An analytical interface will be implemented...
  • Ybrahin Martinez

    (PyAr) PyZombies
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    PyZombies proposed a web application to present all the content of the course, theory, and practical exercises, following the syllabus of Python para...
  • Bayram Çiçek

    100 Paper Cuts
    Organization: LibreOffice
    100 Paper Cuts aims for improving user interface, implementing enhancement requests and solving most-annoying issues on the UX side of LibreOffice.
  • Antonio Gomes

    3D Barycentric Coordinates for Convex Polyhedra with Triangular Faces
    Organization: CGAL Project
    For this project, I would like to implement 3D Barycentric Coordinates for Convex Polyhedra with Triangular Faces, which is one of the ideas for this...
  • Mrinalkanti Roy

    3D CAD scripting using Smalltalk
    Organization: Pharo Consortium
    In this project, we will attempt to embed FreeCAD into Pharo Smalltalk IDE, such that Smalltalk code can drive FreeCAD directly. With a pure...
  • Jeffrey Paul

    3D Plotting
    Organization: openastronomy
    SunPy allows visualization of spatially-aware data by means of Map objects. These objects have extensive 2D visualization capabilities for plotting...
  • Ricardo Antunes

    3D samples using OpenGL and GLFW
    Organization: OpenCV
    This project aims to develop not only 3D samples using OpenGL for the OpenCV 3D module but also reusable components that can later be incorporated...
  • Dmitrii Klepikov

    3D samples using OpenGL and GLFW
    Organization: OpenCV
    The project is aimed at creating few samples to demonstrate capability of OpenCV 3D module. After that all useful methods will be collected for a...
  • Mustafa Dhar

    3D Viewer Integration
    Organization: Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI)
    This project is to load 3D Models in PLY format from the CDLI database into the existing 3D Model Web Viewer using the Three.js library. The idea is...
  • Jaxmatrix

    3Dmol UI Design and Improved Controls
    Organization: Open Chemistry
    3Dmol has most of the necessary features that make it a good visualization plugin for application and web. But this tool becomes difficult for the...
  • Rahul Anand

    3Scale - Envoy proxy authorization cache
    Organization: JBoss Community
    3Scale’s API Management service allows us to manage APIs with features like authorize, rate-limit, and monetize, etc.In this project, we are going to...
  • Lahiru Udayanga De Silva

    3scale - Envoy proxy authorization cache
    Organization: JBoss Community
    Implementing an in-proxy authorization cache for envoy proxy using web assembly and proxy-WASM rust SDK. The cache will be in synchronization with...
  • Jebastin Nadar

    8-bit quantization in DNN Module
    Organization: OpenCV
    This project aims to bring post-training integer quantization to OpenCV’s DNN module and perform inference using 8-bit integer inputs and fixed-point...
  • Kush Kothari

    [Data Retriever] Adding Spatial Dataset Support - Kush Kothari
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    A major requirement for the current status of the dashboard is the implementation of a download and install pipeline for tables having spatial data...
  • Aakash Chaudhary

    [Data Retriever]: Support for Login/API
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    The Data Retriever is a package manager for publicly accessible data. The Data retriever automatically finds, downloads, and pre-processes publicly...
  • Fawzi E. Abdulfattah

    [Eos-icons] - Enhancing the backend and introducing new features
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    The main goal of this project is to make the APIs more reliable, faster, operational and easy to maintain. Firstly, I will work on determining the...
  • Pau Riera i Portillo

    [Gridap] Visualizing PDE approximations in Julia with Gridap.jl and Makie.jl
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    This project aims to integrate the Makie plotting ecosystem for the Julia programming language within the library Gridap, used to approximate partial...
  • Hae Dong Lee

    [Incubator-Nemo] Accurate Task Execution Simulator for Distributed Data Processing
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    This is a project that develops a simulator consisting of an executor model abstracted based on statistics and a scheduler model that are executed...
  • Hemanth Krishna

    [Litmus Portal] Authentication Module Refactor and OAuth Implementation
    Organization: CNCF
    The Authentication server of the litmus portal (which resides in the litmus-portal folder of the main litmus repository) is written in golang, uses...
  • Vadim Abzalov

    [NetworkX] Pedagogical Interactive Notebooks for Algorithms Implemented in NetworkX
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    NetworkX has a wide variety of algorithms implemented. Although the algorithms are well documented, explanations of the ideas behind the algorithms...
  • ricardoV94

    [PyMC3] Make SMC-ABC faster and more flexible
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    PyMC3 provides state-of-the-art tools to specify rich mathematical probabilistic models and algorithms to efficiently approximate the posterior...
  • Mahanaz Atiqullah

    A "Bite-Sized" BitArray
    Organization: Swift
    View the final API Review here: https://forums.swift.org/t/bit-array-and-bit-set-api-review-the-end-of-a-gsoc-project/51396
  • Diptanshu Mittal

    A Django Platform for comparing scientific methods for analyzing neural time series analysis methods
    Organization: INCF
    Time-series analysis is a broad, interdisciplinary field, and features for analyzing time-series datasets are ever-increasing. This has led to...
  • Balaje

    A fast finite element interpolator in Gridap.jl
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    The project aims to implement a fast finite element interpolation algorithm in Gridap.jl for any two functions belonging to finite element spaces...
  • rgo3

    A Feature Probe API for cilium/ebpf
    Organization: Cilium
    Currently bpftool as a userspace utility tool living in the linux kernel can do ebpf feature probing: bpftool feature probe. As the Go+ebpf user-base...
  • Nanubala Gnana Sai

    A Framework for Multiobjective Optimizers
    Organization: mlpack
    The mlpack library boasts an extensive set of objective optimizers, almost all of which focus on single-objective problems. Previous works by Sayan...
  • Shubham Awasthi

    A Frontend For Loopsim Framework To Model Workflows With Closed Loops
    Organization: Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI), Emory University School of Medicine
    LoopSim framework aims to facilitate workflows with loops i.e workflows without specific start and end services. LoopSim requires an interface to...
  • Nishchal Singi

    A frontend for Niffler DICOM framework for machine learning pipelines and processing workflows
    Organization: Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI), Emory University School of Medicine
    This project aims to develop a potential frontend for Niffler. Niffler is currently a command-line tool where the user has to download it in their...
  • Huzi Cheng

    A Full-featured Web Dashboard for Optuna to Monitor Optimization History
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    The fastly developing hyperparameter tuning framework Optuna has gained much attention in the machine learning community due to its high flexibility...
  • Micah Kendall

    A Lua library for Freechains-P2P
    Organization: LabLua
    Freechains Lua API. This is an API for the Freechains project written in the Lua programming language. The lua-sockets library is used to interface...
  • Vishwas Adiga

    A Modular Approach To The App Inventor Projects View
    Organization: MIT App Inventor
    Modernising and modularising the App Inventor Projects View by introducing shortcuts for project actions and integrating markup UI declarations with...
  • Daniil Ignatiev

    A morphological analyzer for Bagvalal
    Organization: Apertium
    Bagvalal is an endangered typologically rare Caucasian language from the Nakh-Daghestanian family. Its conservation and study are constrained by the...
  • Flynn

    A Privacy-Respecting Email Service for Personal Servers
    Organization: Debian
    Deploying an email service requires patience and technical expertise, as it involves orchestrating a myriad of heterogeneous software components. The...
  • Trung Kien Dang

    A Python - Scala integrated environment with Almond, Ammonite and ScalaPy
    Organization: Scala Center
    The project aims to improve the integration between ScalaPy and Ammonite/Almond by providing a frictionless installation experience plus a number of...
  • Pranav Mahajan

    A Python toolbox for computing high-order information in neuroimaging
    Organization: INCF
    The functioning of complex systems (i.e. the brain, and many others) depends on the interaction between different units; crucially, the resulting...
  • Siyuan Fan

    A Software ISP Implementation with OpenCL
    Organization: libcamera
    Camera imaging pipeline is typically embedded in a camera hardware making it difficult to customize the imaging algorithm for developers.The project...
  • orion cohen

    A Solvation Module for MDAnalysis
    Organization: MDAnalysis
    MDanalysis (MDA) is a powerful open-source package for exploring and performing calculations on molecular dynamics trajectories. Despite MDAs broad...
  • Filip Adamik

    A Stitch In Time (saves nine)
    Organization: The Honeynet Project
    This proposal tackles several smaller/simpler challenges of the HosTaGe application. It focusses on addressing Logging, API Key Maintenance and...
  • Bruno Messias

    A system for collaborative visualization of large network layouts using FURY
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    Data structures that complex networks (graphs) can model are present almost everywhere. Therefore, it is important to have a software that can...
  • Chinmay Vibhute

    A Testing Framework for Niffler DICOM frameworks for Continuous Integration
    Organization: Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI), Emory University School of Medicine
    This Project aims to develop unit and integration tests for the Niffler modules and implement automated testing using Continuous Integration. The...
  • Hanxi Guo

    Accelerate OpenCV.js DNN via WebNN
    Organization: OpenCV
    OpenCV.js exposes JavaScript API of dnn module that allows web apps to do deep learning model inference in web browsers. This capability enables web...
  • Tushar Jain-2

    Accuracy and parallel computation in parton density calculation
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    This project is about adding optimised and accurate high-order interpolators to the LHAPDF C++ library. This is required for adding support for...
  • Shardul Semwal

    Achievement in RetroPlayer
    Organization: Kodi
    This project aims to add a feature of native Achievements in Kodi's RetroPlayer using Kodi's UI system. After addition of this feature, users can...
  • Niki Ito

    Activism Through Storytelling with Code
    Organization: Processing Foundation
    I will be creating a web-based Artist Activist Handbook that will act like a utility and a possible guideline for other artists, activists, and...
  • Jenniline Ebai

    Activity Cull
    Organization: CiviCRM LLC
    This project is to build a dashboard that will deliver features to enable an admin handle activities. It will offer filterable Pivot Table of...
  • Manav Agarwal

    Adapt schema editors to operate from model states instead of fake rendered models during migrate phase
    Organization: Django Software Foundation
    The new implementation will consist of a central registry in ProjectState instances where all the related fields would be registered for all apps....
  • Shashwat Jaiswal

    Adaptation of Behavior Driven Development Ideas for Testing of Source Code and Validation Algorithms
    Organization: Checkstyle
    This project has three components: Behaviour Driven Development testing notions and ideas upon being weaved into Checkstyle’s existing test driven...
  • Akhil J Nair

    Adapting algorithms to C++ 20 and Ranges TS
    Organization: STE||AR Group
    Adapt the remaining algorithms like unique, adjacent_difference, lexicographical_compare etc. to C++ 20 and to Ranges TS.
  • Dhruv P

    Adaptive Load Control and Distributed Load Testing of Envoy Data Planes
    Organization: CNCF
    Users configuring their Envoy-based data planes don't know how to find the optimal Envoy configuration given their workload's resiliency and...
  • Suyog Garg

    Add a CDS-ASCII writer to astropy
    Organization: openastronomy
    Astropy is a massive Python library providing methods and general purpose tools for processing and analysis of data generated in astronomy and...
  • Jean Staquet

    Add a new channel type
    Organization: Rocket.Chat
    This project aims to create a new kind of channel where instead of sending messages, users would be able to create task cards with several custom...
  • Yash Varshney

    Add autocompletion to Page Forms spreadsheet-style display
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    The Page Forms extension provides a spreadsheet-style editing display in two places- In the page Special Pages: MultiPageEdit - Using this user can...
  • Liviu-Alexandru Bud

    Add dynamic load module support for SOF
    Organization: The Linux Foundation
    Add dynamic load module support for SOF
  • Masood Kamandy

    Add Examples and Fix Bugs in Swift Processing
    Organization: Processing Foundation
    This proposal fulfills the need for continued development of the Swift Processing code base. This means that bugs would be fixed and more...
  • Chukwuebuka Ezike

    Add gdb pretty printer support for Qt5
    Organization: KDE Community
    Pretty printer to show variables and objects in human readable format
  • Artur Tomczak

    Add IDS validation with BCF output to IfcOpenShell
    Organization: BRL-CAD
    BuildingSMART organisation is currently working and about to publish new IDS (Information Delivery Specifications) which in simple terms is a...
  • Kumar Kartikeya Dwivedi

    Add io_uring support
    Organization: CRIU
    This project adds support for dump and restore of io_uring instances. The three main goals of this project is to handle dump/restore of empty...
  • Akshit Patel

    Add logging support to Simulation Execution Manager (SEM)
    Organization: The ns-3 Network Simulator Project
    The project aims to add support for ns-3’s built-in logging to SEM, also allowing the user to visualize the logs on an interactive dashboard. The...
  • Jianhui Lu

    Add monitoring of pg_stat_statements to pg_systat
    Organization: PostgreSQL
    Pg_systat is 'systat' for PostgreSQL. It allows users to monitor various PostgreSQL statistics tables from a terminal window. This project aims to...
  • grimmmyshini

    Add numerical differentiation support in Clad
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    In mathematics and computer algebra, automatic differentiation (AD) is a set of techniques to numerically evaluate the derivative of a function...
  • Angad Kambli

    Add pseudo-localization to better spot untranslated strings and unexpected layout changes caused by long strings
    Organization: Godot Engine
    The project aims at implementing support for pseudo-localization in Godot. Pseudo-localization is an important tool for internationalization. It...
  • DhairyaJain

    Add Robust Betas to Performance Analytics
    Organization: The R Project for Statistical Computing
    Robust statistics are useful in finance since all classical estimates are vulnerable to extreme distortion by outliers. Because financial data has...
  • Bui Quang Minh

    Add support for checkpoint/restore read and write queue of UDP socket
    Organization: CRIU
    In this project, I will implement a new Linux kernel API to help dumping/writing back the read and write queue of UDP socket. Then I will use that...
  • Thomas Hagelmayer

    Add support for error terms with explicit constants to AsymptoticRing
    Organization: SageMath
    An asymptotic expression typically contains exact terms and O-terms, for example n3 + 2n2 + O(n). The basic framework for this asymptotic ring is...
  • parth-07

    Add support for functor objects in clad
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    This proposal aims to add support for directly differentiating functors and lambda expressions and increase clad coverage and overcome its...
  • Harsh Prakash Gupta

    Add support for in-browser interactive averaging of physics results
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    The Heavy Flavour AVeraging (HFLAV) group is responsible for collecting and combining measurements made at different High Energy Physics (HEP)...
  • Dimitrios Iatrakis

    Add support for OAuth2 Login (i.e. OpenID Connect) authentication to factotum
    Organization: Plan 9 Foundation
    A proposal for the inclusion of OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect support in factotum. The main issue is that the structure of the OAuth landing page is...
  • Rikito Taniguchi

    Add synthetics and symbol information for semanticdb in Scala 3
    Organization: Scala Center
    Semantic information is essential for rich IDE features such as go-to-implementation and rename. Metals utilizes semantic information extracted from...
  • fibersel

    Add ttl for cassandra snapshots
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    Currently Cassandra can create snapshots of SSTables containing all data of concrete Column Family (Analogue of the table into RDBMS).Snapshot is a...
  • Srinivas Yadav

    Add vectorization to par_unseq implementations of Parallel Algorithms
    Organization: STE||AR Group
    The current HPX Parallel Algorithms do no support vectorization. This project aims at providing vectorization support to Parallel Algorithms with...
  • Yash Agrawal

    Add zoom and pan to the Wikisource Pagelist Widget
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    The Wikisource Pagelist Widget is an OOUI based widget that streamlines the process of creating a pagelist for new (and existing) Wikisource users....
  • Rohitesh Jain

    Add/Improve tests in Spoon
    Organization: CASTOR
    Spoon is an open-source library to analyze, rewrite, transform, transpile Java source code. It parses source files to build a well-designed AST with...
  • Kodjo Laurent Egbakou

    Added new features to LibVLCSharp and fixed bugs
    Organization: VideoLAN
    Add lock button, Equalizer UI, Track management, Next & Previous button MediaElement, extend gesture support, Add docs on how to custom style/bind...
  • Daniyal Abbasi

    Adding a Redis cache backend to Django's core module
    Organization: Django Software Foundation
    This project aims at adding support for Redis to be used as a caching backend with Django. As redis is the most popular caching backend according to...
  • Vishal Mishra

    Adding a return channel to Icecast server
    Organization: Xiph.Org Foundation
    Icecast Server is used as a streaming server to broadcast to various listeners. A return channel allows for possibility of receiving feedback from...
  • Katie Liu

    Adding Alt Text
    Organization: Processing Foundation
    I would like to help improve the web accessibility of p5js.org through adding alt text to visual elements on the p5.js website.
  • Ayush Prasad

    Adding ICOS and GEDI data streams to PEcAn
    Organization: PEcAn Project
    In PEcAn, there are data processing pipelines that prepare data as model drivers, as well as constraints. Flux tower networks are one of the most...
  • Ashutosh Bharambe

    Adding Integro Differential Equations and Improving symbolic representation of geometry in PINNs
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    NeuralPDE.jl is a Julia package that employs neural networks to obtain a solution of high dimensional differential equations and hence overcoming the...
  • Harshal Dupare

    Adding Interactive Notebooks for Algorithms Implemented in NetworkX
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    There are many algorithms implemented in NetworkX some of them being simple and some of them being very complex. Understanding the algorithm that we...
  • Nga Tran

    Adding more functionality to AnalySim: a data sharing and analysis platform
    Organization: INCF
    AnalySim is a data sharing platform similar to GitHub, but specialized for scientific projects. It seeks to simplify the analysis and visualization...
  • Mohamed Soudy-1

    Adding Multi-omics data support to ABioTrans Plus
    Organization: National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
    ABioTrans Plus is a web server for transcriptome data analysis and visualization. It supports the analysis of microarray and RNASeq data and performs...
  • Harsh Kumar

    Adding new activities
    Organization: KDE Community
    GCompris is a software suite comprising educational entertainment software for children aged 2 to 10. The goal of GCompris project in GSoC this year...
  • Mariam Fahmy

    Adding new activities to GCompris
    Organization: KDE Community
    During Google Summer of Code 2021, I would like to work on four new activities: 1- Mouse control action activity: its goal is to provide audio-visual...
  • Matthew Joyce

    Adding New APIs from POSIX Standard 2021
    Organization: RTEMS Project
    This project will enhance Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) compliance in the RTEMS real-time operating system by adding newly proposed...
  • Rishabh Sanjay

    Adding New Plots to ArviZ
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    ArviZ is a python package for exploratory analysis of Bayesian models. It is designed as a backend agnostic tool and supports different backends for...
  • ricekot

    Adding Out-of-band Application Testing (OAST) Support to ZAP
    Organization: OWASP Foundation
    OAST stands for Out-of-band Application Security Testing and is used to detect Out-Of-Band (OOB) vulnerabilities, which is not possible to do with a...
  • Srihari Humbarwadi

    Adding Panoptic Segmentation to the TensorFlow Model Garden
    Organization: TensorFlow
    Panoptic Segmentation aims to further the process of understanding an image by classifying all the pixels in it while also assigning them to unique...
  • Aman Dwivedi

    Adding React library to new UI
    Organization: FOSSology
    FOSSology frontend is built using the Symfony framework of PHP. It needs to get revamped to make it faster for development, more adaptive to newer...
  • Adwait Bhope

    Adding Support for Resampling Data with NDCube
    Organization: openastronomy
    ndcube is a package that lets users combine multi-dimensional astronomical data with their corresponding real-world physical coordinates. WCS...
  • Singh Prabhat

    Adding the Ability To BCF Libraries to connect to BCF API's.
    Organization: BRL-CAD
    Integrating existing BCF libraries with the API's so as to perform reading and writing of files .
  • Ashish Patel

    Adding Tibetan Calendar in Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) and International Components for Unicode (ICU) library
    Organization: Project WikiLoop
    The goal of the project is to create some code for International Components for Unicode (ICU) Librariary that compute dates in Tibetan calendar and...
  • Shantanu Kaushik

    Adding to p5.js Friendly Error System
    Organization: Processing Foundation
    This project aims to extend the existing functionality("fesErrorMonitor") of the p5.js Friendly Error system and add a new feature that will allow...
  • Aditya Siddheshwar

    Addon Library Development - p5.teach.js
    Organization: Processing Foundation
    This project would involve developing tools for teaching STEM through p5.js, adding functions to animate shapes, and animating math symbols. The main...
  • Anuradha Pandey

    Adopt an unreleased language pair, Hindi-Bhojpuri
    Organization: Apertium
    I plan on developing the Bhojpur-Hindi language pair in both directions i.e. bho-hin and hin-bho. This will involve building a monolingual...
  • Gourab Chakraborty

    Adopting the Hindi-Bengali language pair (unreleased language pair).
    Organization: Apertium
    In this project, I aim to create a hin-ben repository in Apertium that also includes the task of creating/expanding the transfer rules, creating the...
  • Metehan Arslan

    Advanced Audio Filters
    Organization: VideoLAN
    Upmixing stereo sound sample to more than two channels. With this filter you get much realistic surround stage effects.
  • Kumar Shivendu

    Advanced search features for Software Heritage Archive
    Organization: Software Heritage
    Software Heritage is on a mission to collect, preserve, and share all the publicly available software with its source code and development history....
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