ndcube is a package that lets users combine multi-dimensional astronomical data with their corresponding real-world physical coordinates. WCS transformations are used to make this conversion. ndcube provides a powerful technique to couple them together so that researchers can tinker with their data while being assured that the underlying transformations remain consistent with any operations they perform.

This project aims to add support for resampling n-dimensional data. Essentially, it means that users will be able to upsample or downsample the resolution of their data based on their specific needs. They will be able to map it on a different grid that better suits their research requirements. Just like with existing operations such as slicing, this project will ensure that resampling an NDCube will modify the underlying WCS transformations and other attached parameters, to make it always remain consistent with the data.



Adwait Bhope


  • Daniel Ryan
  • Cadair (SunPy)