NodeCloud is a NodeJs package that aims to provide a one-stop solution to use multiple cloud providers in a project. It provides a plugin for each cloud provider which will be used to communicate with respective cloud services. Currently, the nodecloud project has aws, azure, and gcp integrated with an auto class generator(Made using Typescript Compiler API). But for the digital ocean, this has not been implemented. Digital Ocean does not have any official SDKs but there are many third-party SDK's made by developers. Some SDKs are of no use as there are either definition files missing while some are not maintained.

Under this project, I aim to implement the important functionalities of the digital ocean in a suitable SDK(If not present), Implement a code generation module for that and then use that SDK to auto-generate classes, assembled as do-plugin for the Nodecloud integration.



Mohit Bhat


  • Rumesh Hapuarachchi
  • Milindu Kumarage
  • Rajitha Warusavitarana