This proposal fulfills the need for continued development of the Swift Processing code base. This means that bugs would be fixed and more user-friendly abstractions of Apple's API would be added. Swift means that Apple's hardware can be leveraged like the camera, sensors, and GPU. This creates opportunities to support Metal (Apple's graphics API) within Swift Processing or OpenGL ES, as is the case with Processing. AR Kit, Apple's augmented reality API, is another possible item that might be included. I am a computational artist and designer as well as an iOS developer. I have taught Creative Coding to a very diverse student body at the community college level since 2015 and with Swift since 2018 using various frameworks. For this I've "flipped" courses and built out asynchronous online courses with videos and tutorials. My experience teaching Swift has given me insight into what makes an API and its examples/tutorials successful. Swift creates unique challenges for new learners. Being involved in this project would allow me to contribute in a way that makes a difference and makes Swift more inclusive and accessible to the creative coding community.



Masood Kamandy


  • Jonathan Kaufman