I propose my project idea relating to Apache APISIX growth, titled "Redesign, develop and refactor Apache APISIX landing page and documentation website". Main reasons for me to propose this project are -

  • Website doesn’t show the most important features of APISIX
  • Website lacks a secondary call-to-action (After download) to the docs for which the website is made for.
  • Website lacks the amount of information needed to explain the usefulness of APISIX and why it is better.
  • The copywriting in certain sections of the website is too long (description section)
  • Website lacks accessibility in images. For instance, the APISIX architecture image is not clear on desktop.
  • Website lacks visual design as a whole, when compared to other SaaS product websites.

Considering the above issues, it is essential that a redesign is needed to solve this, because to solve them would require a rework of the design and copywriting in the website.




  • Shuyang Wu
  • Zhiyuan Ju
  • Ming Wen