Zulip provides powerful utility for bots and integrations, but parts of the system (like embedded bots) are still work in progress. To encourage more users to use the bots and integrations, and to also foster a better development experience with bots and integrations, this project aims at implementing better UI for the users to browse through available bots with verbose description, provide more developer-friendly interfaces for creating bots, and other related tasks to improve the bots system.

Improve the UI to Encourage Bot Usage

Display a list of available bots for all users and show accompanying descriptions or help messages. This sub-goal will be aiming at improving the UI to show more information about the bot.

Encourage Error Handling for Bots

Propose a way to raise custom errors from the API layer instead of leaving the error message from the server as is (e.g. {“result”: “error”, “msg”: “foobar”}) and requiring the developers to parse the error message to handle cases of error.

Create Standard for Bots Handling Commands

Support standard commands while keeping our layer of bot as thin as possible and allow standardized metadata to describe the behavior of our bots.



Zixuan Li


  • Eeshan Garg
  • Adam Birds