AutSPACEs is a citizen science platform that aims to understand how sensory processing differences affect autistic people all around the world. It captures an autistic user's experiences with sensory processing challenges and generates a qualitative dataset. This data serves two main purposes:

  1. Contribute to making the world more inclusive of autistic people by urging policy-makers to make changes based on evidence and recommendations from a large number of lived experiences.
  2. Educate non-autistic people on how they can be better allies for autistic individuals and destigmatize autism in our society.

This project aims to build and implement a working prototype of the website in collaboration with the autistic community. The potential approach to this project would be the following:

  1. Solve issues from milestones 2 and 3 which aim to increase the accessibility of the website and make it into a minimum viable product.
  2. Test and review PRs to ensure that they meet their purpose
  3. Make appropriate documentation for the code
  4. Send the final working prototype to the autistic community for feedback and make additonal issues based on it



Anoushka Ramesh


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