The Buddhist Digital Resource Center has a well-maintained database. The entities present on Wikidata often lack a label in Tibetan language. By adding a Tibetan label during the import we can dramatically improve the usability of both Google and Wikidata for Tibetan natives and community. The project will focus on various aspects of data engineering to provide the best solution to help the Tibetan community.

Wikidata has proved to be the most efficient open source of knowledge having structured data which is extracted directly by google and affects the google search result directly. Knowledge Graphs pull in data from a variety of sources such as Wikidata. This data is used to understand user search intent and to answer search queries. The project will focus on importing data of places and persons from BDRC database, as well as the addition of new data on existing Wikidata records from BDRC. All the shortcomings present in the database will be dealt with and improved.

Upon successful completion of this project: The Tibetan community members will be able to get better search results. The labels added will result in efficient use of Wikidata for the members of the community.



Paritosh Singh


  • Rui Jiang
  • Elie Roux
  • Elan Hourticolon-Retzler