Astropy is a massive Python library providing methods and general purpose tools for processing and analysis of data generated in astronomy and related fields. It is widely used by researchers and the scientific community at large. One important feature of Astropy is reading and writing tabular data in a wide variety of useful formats. One such astronomical data storage format is the CDS-ASCII format employed by Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS) for maintaining its VizieR catalog. Currently Astropy only supports reading data from a CDS-ASCII table and not writing to it. The present project is meant to address this issue by adding a CDS-ASCII writer to Astropy. CDS already has an available package to generate standardized ASCII tables for submission of data to its catalog. The proposed Astropy CDS-ASCII writer can be based on the methods used by that package.



Suyog Garg


  • hamogu
  • Aarya Patil