Understanding the inner wiring of the human brain is one of the most long-pursued goals of neuroscientists. In this journey, diffusion MRI (dMRI) and tractography algorithms offer the essential possibility of reconstructing the white matter bundles that interconnect brain regions. Building on this, it is of high interest to obtain tractography bundle atlases that describe the average connectome in different populations. Constructing these atlases, however, requires specific technical expertise and cannot be done in a simple way by using currently available neuroimaging software.

This project aims to fill this gap by integrating a tractography bundle atlas creation workflow into DIPY, a reference library for dMRI processing in python. The developed solution offers scientists a quick and easy way of obtaining population-specific tractography atlases in an automated fashion. The algorithm takes segmented bundles as input and relies on streamline based registration to align the bundles and construct an atlas. The whole atlas creation process is controlled by the user via a command line interface. Obtained atlases can be exported and used for visualization or further analyses.



David Romero Bascones


  • Bramsh Q Chandio