Zulip-terminal is the official terminal client for Zulip which has been actively developing for the past few years and has already reached a certain level where it’s no longer considered a temporary client. It still has a long way to go to match the level of web-app, in terms of feature enhancements. So, my primary objective this summer would be to provide more feature support to Zulip-terminal and improve upon the existing ones by fixing bugs and potentially adding and improving upon the test suite. Some of the highlights of the work that I'll be doing:

  • Adding support for Alert word handling. (events and UI)
  • Improving zuliprc location/specifying.
  • Adding support for specifying custom key-bindings
  • Adding support for cross-platform notifications.
  • Message rendering and event handling improvements.



Zeeshan Equbal


  • Preet Mishra
  • Neil Pilgrim