The Activeloop organization provides data scientists worldwide with a solution to these problems so that they can spend more time training their models and saving resources. Hub is a package that stores petabyte-scale datasets as a single numpy-like array on the cloud, so one can seamlessly access and work with it from any machine. Hub has a simple API that enables its users to obtain a lot of functionality with just a few lines of code. However, as a complete beginner, it is difficult for many to learn the nuances of a new package. Reading the documentation is something that helps, but it is not exactly a fun way of learning something new. It can become tedious and boring. This is exactly why it would be great if Hub had a package that interactively teaches the basics of hub in the CLI itself.


Debaditya Pal


  • shashank agarwal
  • Mikayel
  • David Isayan