The main focus will be on frontend-related issues particularly, compose features, message area, user interface. Besides that, I’ll work on fixing the issues labeled as bugs. I’m also interested in making the CSS more organized.

The plan is to make the user experience more user-friendly and bug-free. Here is the current list of issues and features that I plan to complete in this project.

  • Easy drag and drop of files so that users can instantly share files.
  • Easily quote and reply "some selected small part of a message".
  • Making the compose box a full-fledged editor with tools for easily writing messages using markdown.
  • Making the experience of message failures easy to handle.
  • Adding some more features and fixing various old-time bugs.

It is highly unpredictable to guess what issues might come up later. So, the main outline will be to solve any new issue that might get opened later which is related to the frontend, compose box, message area with the ultimate goal of making Zulip much better than before.



Priyam Seth


  • Vinit Singh