Spoon is an open-source library to analyze, rewrite, transform, transpile Java source code. It parses source files to build a well-designed AST with powerful analysis and transformation API. It fully supports modern Java versions up to Java 11.

Spoon has a lot of methods whose testing can be improved. For many methods, deciding an arbitrary return value doesn’t change the test results.

There is a full list of pseudo and partially tested methods which need improvements in testing. This list contains around 240 methods whose tests need improvement. Apart from this, there might be some methods that aren’t on that list and need addition/improvements in testing.

Although around 240 methods need improvements in tests, I believe it may not be feasible to improve all 240 in a limited time.
I am planning to add/improve tests for 30-40 or a pre-decided number of methods under this project. I may improve the rest after the program ends.



Rohitesh Jain


  • Nicolas Harrand
  • Martin Monperrus