Neuroscientists have begun to publicly share more and more datasets, however there are still barriers to making these datasets easily reusable by the community. One of these barriers has been the accessibility of shared data; it takes extensive time and effort to understand different data formats and determine which datasets are best suited for the scientific questions being asked. This project is an important step in addressing this challenge. The goal of this project is to convert publicly available datasets to the standardized NeuroData Without Borders (NWB) format so that they can be better interpreted and reused by other researchers. The data will then be made available for interactive analysis and visualization through the NWB explorer on the Open Source Brain repository. By using a standardized data format, researchers can more quickly work with new data and develop analysis methods to apply to a wide variety of datasets. The ability to easily explore and visualize data will also allow researchers to quickly assess the contents of the data and if they can reuse it. Thus, the results of this project will contribute to an important resource for scientists.



Steph Prince


  • Ankur Sinha
  • Padraig Gleeson