Eye tracking has many applications from driver safety to improved accessibility for people with disabilities. There exist expensive and bulky hardware solutions for eye tracking but this project aims to bring robust and accurate eye tracking to everyone. Recent research and the pervasiveness of handheld devices with powerful cameras have now made it easy to have high quality eye tracking right in our pockets!

The aim of this project is to allow researchers and developers all over the world to use our open-sourced eye tracker (with additional features) in new and varied use cases. From simple systems where the phone can be mounted on a stand in a vehicle to track multiple parameters of the driver – drowsiness, gaze, attentiveness to more complex applications like emotion analysis and even lie detection, the sky's the limit.



Dinesh Sathia Raj


  • Vineet Gandhi
  • Suresh Krishna
  • Tiago Falk
  • Reza Farivar