This project, based on this idea by the Pitivi team, aims to implement an easy to use feature which lets users quickly synchronise their edits - be it clips, photos, or any kind of transitions in between - with the music they put in their videos.

After the user chooses an audio track to sync the clips to, a 3rd party library like librosa will be used to detect the tempo and timing of beats there. If it succeeds, Pitivi will provide the user with points on the timeline that they can 'snap' their clips to, each one representing a beat in the chosen track. For quick and easy usage, users will also be able to just choose some pictures from their library and have Pitivi automatically sync them to the music of their choice. Advanced users, on the other side, will have the ability to change settings like beat snap divisor or manually specify the timing and tempo of their song, to ensure they get the desired results.



Piotrek BrzeziƄski


  • Mathieu_Du