The Fineract-cn-mobile application is the Android client of Apache Fineract CN, built on top of the FIneract CN Platform. It provides banking solutions for people around the world who are unbacked. This app is for field officers who go to their customers and provide them with financial services.

Achieved Goals:

-> Added support for all the Teller functionalities such as creating, editing, Viewing Tellers.

-> Improved offline functionality in the application via Couchbase Implementation.

-> Added support for viewing, creating and editing products.

-> Added support for various Account-related functionalities, including viewing, creating and editing accounts. Also added support to lock, close, and reopen Accounts.

-> Added Task management features for the Tellers, Account and products section.

-> Extended the Kotlin support in App and replaced the already implemented MVP architecture with the Google recommended Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) architecture. Also extended.

-> Added UI/Integration tests.

Work in progress:

-> UI for payment-hub integration is almost complete; APIs would be integrated once ready.

-> Improve GIS features once the Endpoints are made.


Varun Jain


  • Chinmay Kulkarni
  • Ahmad Jawid Muhammadi