This project aims at improving the workflow for managing streams by improving their editing UI, adding more permission sets, refactor existing permissions to make it is easy for both users and administrators to handle subscriptions for streams more easily by finishing long-pending features like Default Stream Groups.

As stream settings and left sidebar is closely affected by any change in either of them so a parallel aim would be to improve Zulip's left-sidebar according to changed stream settings features and also to add new features to it so that it becomes more interactive rather than just listing streams/topics/PMs.

I also aim to improve the performance of web app for narrowing to different message views, by fixing various high priority issues that are related to the message view area. Along with performance-related issues in message viewing I aim to solve issues related to interleaved views in Private message views by utilizing recent topics UI for this and improving image previewing support for messages.



Purushottam Tiwari


  • Shubham Dhama
  • Pragati Agrawal