MetaCall Core is an open-source software that brings the polyglot programming experience to Developers. With MetaCall, developers can embed different programming languages through an easy-to-use high-level API. Jupyter Notebook is an interactive environment that allows scientists, researchers, developers and engineers to perform analysis, scientific computing, code prototyping and more. These notebooks provide a feature-rich interface where they can capitalize on visualizations, figures, plots and user-interface elements to prototype the code they are writing and working on.

This project aims to create a kernel where the MetaCall Core can be loaded and launched through a Jupyter Notebook interface. With this Notebook, the users can try out writing and embedding code in different programming languages. It would also make it possible to use the MetaCall API and achieve the goal of bringing a unified interface for developers to try out and leverage MetaCall. The Kernel would allow developers to load the MetaCall API to execute code in different programming languages by mixing code amongst each other.



Harsh Bardhan Mishra


  • Gil Arasa Verge