There are many algorithms implemented in NetworkX some of them being simple and some of them being very complex. Understanding the algorithm that we are using in our projects is very important. One way to understand the algorithm and its implementation is to read its documentation or if one is really interested then read the code. But it's not always possible because of different reasons, maybe the code is too large or it is very abstract and to understand one line of code we have to understand some other function.

The idea of using notebooks for explaining the algorithms which is being carried out in networkx-notebooks will help the community to understand the algorithms more intuitively and easily. But still, there is a long way to go as very few such notebooks have been added so far and there is a large set of algorithms’ awaiting to be added to the collection.



Harshal Dupare


  • Dan Schult
  • Mridul Seth
  • Eric Ma
  • Ross Barnowski