Deformation is one of the most ubiquitous and recognizable physical phenomena: trees swaying in the breeze, a bouncing ball, someone poking the Pillsbury doughboy. This familiar behavior can make all the difference to an immersive gaming experience. Simulating this behavior in real-time often falls within the domain of soft-body dynamics, for which Godot provides support in 3D.

After discussion with developers in the Godot community, I have decided to focus my attention on two specific, feasible tasks that would improve soft-body dynamics in Godot:

  1. [Issue #36693] Enable area detection and the application of custom gravity for soft bodies
  2. [Proposal #2591] Enable the application of wind-like forces to soft bodies

These two tasks are interrelated in that they both focus on the application of forces (body and external) to soft bodies, and I hope that their completion will illuminate a more general pattern by which this is best accomplished for future soft body improvements.



Jeffrey Cochran


  • Camille Mohr-Daurat