This project has three components:

  • Behaviour Driven Development testing notions and ideas upon being weaved into Checkstyle’s existing test driven mechanism, shall provide ease of maintenance and prevent faults as we scale the project. This will help establish testing procedures that will be concise and abstract, to focus more on the desired functionality than going into the testing algorithm.
  • With Google Truth’s new assertion framework, test verifications have become more clear, concise, flexible and readable. Migrating to Truth in Checkstyle’s tests shall be fruitful in terms of maintenance and flexibility.
  • Pitest now supports a lot of new mutators which can enhance the quality of code and coverage we currently have in the project. Adding the relevant mutators shall be another task under this project.



Shashwat Jaiswal


  • Timur Tibeyev
  • Daniel Mühlbachler