OpenMF is an open-source forensic tool by SCoRe Lab for Android smartphones that helps digital forensic investigators throughout the digital forensic investigation life cycle. For e.g. let us say we have a crime scene in which we have captured some suspects and we have their mobile phones. If we want to extract all the data from their phones and see which of them are actually involved in the crime scene then we require software to perform this task and produce Meaningful evidence and Analysis reports for every phone (Digital forensic case).

From Google Summer of Code 2021, OpenMF will be able to extract data of SMS(text messages), Browser history, Bluetooth data, EXIF data from images, Location history along with General information of the device, Call logs, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Contacts data(already exists). Data can be extracted from CMD as well as using API(POSTMAN) or from Frontend also. APIs were created to fetch data where ever required. Also, OpenMF is now able for showing analytics and relate data of cases using graphs, maps, and Tables which come in Data Visualization.



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