BuildingSMART organisation is currently working and about to publish new IDS (Information Delivery Specifications) which in simple terms is a machine-readable standard for building information modelling (BIM) requirements. Thanks to IDS, it is possible to automatically verify exchange requirements of BIM models delivered in IFC format.

In my project, I will first focus on the validation process using IfcOpenShell to make sure it fully supports the new XSD (XML schema definition) of IDS and create sample IDS files to test it against. Furthermore, I aim to enhance this feature with BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) output of such verification, which will be integrated into the BIMTester tool.

The last step would be to allow for easier creation of IDS files by non-coding users. The idea is to add the authoring functionality of BIMTester web UI. This is where the work overlaps with the project of another GSoC student.



Artur Tomczak


  • Thomas Krijnen (aothms)