ZT is Zulip's own Terminal client, which is a one of a kind, user-first and user-friendly TUI based chat application powered by Python module urwid.

The restrictive nature of a terminal application makes it all the more challenging and interesting to work on. Making ZT intuitive for every kind of person, "techy" or not, is the general vision of my project. This project mainly focuses on improving:

  • Message Rendering capabilities (Syntax Highlighting, Display Emojis)
  • general UI Navigability and Usability (Dynamic Layout, Tabs, Focus Highlighting, SearchBox)
  • Internal Refactors for better code management (Themes, Buttons & Panels , Keypress)
  • certain Event Handling functions (Typing Notification)
  • and some Bugfixes.



Sai Rohitth Chiluka


  • Preet Mishra
  • Neil Pilgrim