The primary aim of this project is to make enhancements to Zulip’s REST API Documentation framework, which allows writing API Documentation based on the OpenAPI standard with built-in automated tests.
Major tasks include modifying the framework and testing to allow generating API pages directly from OpenAPI data and removing the redundant templates, and adding support for auto-generated API bindings by integrating different tools into the framework.
The docs will also be visually enhanced by improving the organisation and UI of /register and /events endpoints, and /api pages in general. This would include major design changes to the documentation pages to improve the overall user experience. Further, the OpenAPI data for currently undocumented /api endpoints will be added to improve the endpoint coverage by the docs.
This project would also involve fixing the currently open issues related to API Docs area, majority of which improve the testing of OpenAPI data, as well as making various API migrations with appropriate updates in OpenAPI data. Also, improvements would be made to the organisation of OpenAPI data and its testing/error messages to make it easier to maintain and work with.



Suyash Vardhan Mathur


  • Aditya Verma
  • Kartik Srivastava