The Heavy Flavour AVeraging (HFLAV) group is responsible for collecting and combining measurements made at different High Energy Physics (HEP) experiments, at CERN and other particle physics laboratories, and combining them using robust statistical procedures.

The HFLAV website provides a live snapshot of the latest data obtained from these latest publications. This project aims to improve the experience of users using the HFLAV website. These averages could be of greater value to the particle physics community if the accessibility, interactivity and visibility of the current website can be improved. Thus this project seeks to transform user interaction with HFLAV’s ‘Beauty to Charm’ averages.

The plan to increase the accessibility is by redesigning the whole user interface, making it easier to find a relevant data point ( branching fraction) by the use of filters. As the old website is static, thus in order to make the site responsive to the user's input, the website will be refactored and the framework will be changed to Django. The application would be hosted using CERN's OpenShift service instead of the older EOS filesystem it was using.



Harsh Prakash Gupta


  • Thomas Kuhr
  • Daniel Johnson