IMPACT User-friendly QA platform for a given DBpedia resource and specifically about pandemic in real-time.

GOALS To improve the DBpedia Sparql for real-time monitoring of pandemic situations near the users and the interested country by the users. Compile pandemic data and wikidata for answering users' questions by query databases, and support research and development in the healthcare field related to model predictions and vaccine development.

DESCRIPTION As Google engine can answer any question, DBpedia Sparql can query databases and answer questions using Wikipedia resources. The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing global pandemic, and humans would need to co-exist with the viruses. We should compile the public wikidata related to coronavirus and learn from them. The aim of this project is to update DBpedia Sparql tool for answering questions related to wikidata and specifically about the coronaviruses. Thus, the improved DBpedia Sparql tool would provide better understanding of the coronavirus pandemic for the public, and serve as a platform for research and development in the public healthcare field.

WARM-UP Git repo:



Guang Zhang


  • Marvin Hofer
  • Sebastian Hellmann
  • Alexander Winter