AnalySim is a data sharing platform similar to GitHub, but specialized for scientific projects. It seeks to simplify the analysis and visualization of datasets. AnalySim is designed to promote collaborations and to improve existing datasets through features like forking or cloning, features specialized to allow users to start new projects, collaborations or join existing teams or projects.

First feature I would like to add to AnalySim is forking projects, which will help collaboration between researchers. One can fork someone else’s project and improve upon it by adding more data or improving analysis. Second feature I'm interested in is adding a new design template. Finally, I want to improve the existing documentation. If there's extra time, I would like to work on adding a component that allows for CSV file viewing.

This project offers me a great opportunity to practice my technical skills of programming the web based technologies I learned in my classes. Specifically, I have experience in working with Angular, web development and web design. I aim at starting a career in software development where I want to put to practice the skills learned during this project.



Nga Tran


  • Cengiz Gunay
  • Anca Doloc-Mihu