Time-series analysis is a broad, interdisciplinary field, and features for analyzing time-series datasets are ever-increasing. This has led to creating an online Django platform, CompEngine-Features, for comparing new time-series analysis features with an existing set of over 7000 time-series analysis features in the hctsa package. However, the platform lacks: support for incorporating new features contributed by users, client-side rendering of web pages, network visualizations, line plots for Empirical1000 dataset, and async views in Django, all of which are crucial for the adoption of the platform and thus its ability to have a significant impact in driving progress in time-series analysis. In this project, we will continue developing a Django online platform, CompEngine-Features, for comparing the performance of time-series analysis methods on real time-series data, including a wide range of neural dynamics.



Diptanshu Mittal


  • benfulcher