• Tamara David

    Advancement through project merge
    Organization: International Catrobat Association
    In my Project, I will implement a process in PocketCode which makes it possible for users to merge already created catrobat-projects. This extension...
  • Divyank Lunkad

    Agora Android
    Organization: AOSSIE
    Agora Android application runs smoothly and works fine with all the functionalities. This summer I am planning to add a Welcome screen for the new...
  • Raj Ranjan

    Agora Blockchain
    Organization: AOSSIE
    AOSSIE’s Agora, a voting platform with many great voting algorithms. But the only thing missing in this idea was TRUST. It’s users have to trust the...
  • Ayush Tiwari

    Organization: AOSSIE
    Currently, the agora-web API fetch/write data to the mongoDB. The aim of the proposal is to migrate voterInfo, candidateInfo and vote count records...
  • Apratim Ran Chak

    Alexa Top Sites Captcha and Tor Block Monitoring
    Organization: Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) at UN Foundation
    The project aims to monitor and track down in detail how the Alexa Top 500 websites behaves to different Tor clients, whether a particular website is...
  • Justin Fargnoli

    Alive for SIL
    Organization: Swift
    The Alive for SIL project aims to build a tool that will find errors in optimizations performed by the Swift compiler. SIL (a.k.a. Swift Intermediate...
  • Swapnil Tripathi

    Alligator : Podcast Support
    Organization: KDE Community
    This project aims to add podcast support to Alligator. Alligator is a RSS feed reader and that makes it an ideal software for adding podcast support...
  • Jixin Chen

    Alpine, macOS support
    Organization: Center for Research in Open Source Software, UC Santa Cruz
    LiveHD only supports glibc-based Linux at the moment. We can extend support to other platforms like Alpine Linux and macOS, so more people can use...
  • Adam Li

    An Electrophysiology Connectivity Package in the MNE Environment
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    The main objective of the project is to build a consistent API leveraging MNE-Python to perform connectivity analysis of neural time-series data,...
  • Alejandro Fernández

    An object detection component for LearnBlock
    Organization: RoboComp
    Implementing a neural network with transfer learning for a new component of object detection in LearnBlock
  • Ank

    An orchestration system for MGnify running on distributed heterogeneous compute clusters
    Organization: Genome Assembly and Annotation
    MGnify is a freely available online service hosted by the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI). It helps researchers to do exploration and...
  • Shiven Tripathi

    Analyzing stimulus prediction capabilities of neurons: predictive information estimation methods
    Organization: INCF
    To guide behaviour, it has been proposed that neurons eventually learn to predict future states of sensory inputs. The project mentors have worked in...
  • anubhav sharma

    Android FHIR SDK Peer to Peer transfer
    Organization: Google FHIR SDK
    Develop the device-to-device data transfer functionality on top of the current library. This is supposed to transfer all FHIR resources from one...
  • Tomás Assenza

    Android native app for network selection capability in LibreMesh routers
    Organization: freifunk
    One practical barrier for the usage of local network web-based applications (such as the LimeApp) in Android devices is that browsers don't allow the...
  • Prateek Ganguli

    Android SDK tools in Debian
    Organization: Debian
    Compile latest upstream Android SDK and related platform tools into android-sdk-latest and android-platform-tools-latest packages respectively, for...
  • Abhishek Kumar Jha

    Android Support for ENIGMA
    Organization: The ENIGMA Team
    This project aims to fix the issues regarding the Android platform that includes fixing the shader, adding a new audio system and the addition of ...
  • Ashutosh_Chauhan

    Angular Migration
    Organization: Oppia Foundation
    This project aims to introduce frontend routing in oppia using the angular router. This will replace the current backend routing system which uses...
  • Yash Bhambhu

    Animating a poor man [PMR-III]
    Organization: CCExtractor Development
    PoorMan's Rekognition is a unique tool that provides all of amazon Rekognition's Services but with the power of open-source. Its key features include...
  • Himanshu Garg

    Organization: MIT App Inventor
    The animation portion of the MIT App Inventor, that includes the Canvas, ImageSprite and Ball components, currently has a lot of room for...
  • Yash Khasbage

    Anonymizing Audiovisual Data
    Organization: Red Hen Lab
    The Audiovisual data present with Red Hen is not shareable. The visual data clearly shows the speakers involved, and a person can be recognized with...
  • harshadms

    Anti-spoofing Techniques for GNSS Receivers
    Organization: GNSS-SDR
    This project involves implementation of various anti-spoofing techniques in GNSS-SDR. These techniques include consistency checks to verify and...
  • Sang Woo Bae

    Apache CloudStack - Synchronization of network devices on newly added hosts for Persistent Networks
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    Apache CloudStack’s persistent networks have been a solution for system administrators, that abstracts away the micromanaging of resources like...
  • Hồng Quân Trần

    Apache James - Implement Thread support for JMAP
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    JMAP is an email application protocol to modernise IMAP, on top of HTTP using a JSON format. JMAP is designed to make efficient use of limited...
  • Pavindu Lakshan

    Apache OODT - Improving OPSUI React.js UI with Advanced Functionalities
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    This project aims to improve the functionalities of the Apache OODT OPSUI React.js User Interface and implement a REST API for the resource manager...
  • Liangda Wang

    Apache ShardingSphere - Proofread the Oracle DDL/TCL SQL Definitions
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    ShardingSphere parser engine helps users parse a SQL to get the AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) and visit this tree to get SQLStatement (Java Object). At...
  • Omkar Prabhune

    Apertium Browser Plugin
    Organization: Apertium
    My project has been to develop the Apertium Browser Plugin. The previous Geriaoueg plugin is out of date, with the official link given in the wiki...
  • Sarthak Saxena

    API Conversion API
    Organization: Postman
    There is currently no open source API specification format and schema converter API that provides conversion between multiple formats. The proposed...
  • Fang Hu

    APISIX ingress controller integration with Knative Serving
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    Knative is an extension of Kubernetes and is specifically designed for serverless workloads. Knative Serving, as one of the core components of...
  • Yash Rajpal

    App: Bad-Words Filter
    Organization: Rocket.Chat
    Proposal for App: Bad-Words Filter. Rocket.Chat is Teams collaboration platform where people from different parts of world come together and...
  • Ludwig Reinhardt

    Application for Embroidery Robot Programming using Pocket Code IDE
    Organization: International Catrobat Association
    Create a solution for the user to stitch letters, independent of hardware.
  • Yusuf Karadag

    Application Proposal for Apache Clerezza
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    The purpose of this task is to define an ontology for conversations and to create a Java library based on Apache Clerezza to store them. Signal...
  • Alessandro Cheli

    Applied equality saturation with Metatheory.jl
    Organization: The Julia Language
    Metatheory.jl is a general purpose metaprogramming and algebraic computation library for the Julia programming language, supporting the novel...
  • Sourav singh

    AR Draw + Measure experience in MapMint4me
    Organization: OSGeo - Open Source Geospatial Foundation
    Introducing the Augmented Reality experience in the present MapMint4ME project and working on Better UI and UX part for the Augmented Reality...
  • Ahmed Moorsy

    Arabic Sign Language Recognition
    Organization: MediaPipe
    People with special-needs face a variety of different challenges and barriers that isolate them from their surroundings. Nowadays, several assistive...
  • Abhi Kulshrestha

    Ask SCORE - Community App
    Organization: SCoRe Lab
    Ask SCORE app is the community app, which helps organisation in Collaboration, teamwork, promotion, cooperation with their members(Mentors, Mentees,...
  • Evan Lee

    Assessing the Performance Effects of Adding New Synthesized Rewrite Rules to Halide
    Organization: Halide
    Halide is a programming language that facilitates writing high-performance image processing pipelines. Its compiler internally uses a Term Rewriting...
  • Natáli Anzanello

    Astrometry - Gnuastro
    Organization: openastronomy
    Astrometry is of fundamental importance in processing astronomical data. It involves the precise measurement of the coordinates of celestial bodies....
  • Shubhanshu Saxena

    Async Support for TensorFlow Backend in FFmpeg
    Organization: Intel Video and Audio for Linux
    This project focuses on implementing an asynchronous mechanism for model inference and batch execution in the TensorFlow backend of the FFmpeg Deep...
  • Nektarios Gkikakis Fifes

    AsyncAPI Application simulation
    Organization: Postman
    The scalable , extendable backend services stress tester.
  • Arjun Garg

    AsyncAPI Applications Relations Finder
    Organization: Postman
    AsyncAPI aims to set an industry standard for messaging APIs by providing a set of tools and features to improve the current state of Event-Driven...
  • Khuda Dad Nomani

    AsyncAPI Document Optimizer
    Organization: Postman
    AsyncAPI offers many different ways to reuse certain parts of the document like messages or schemas definitions or references to external files, not...
  • Aayush Sahu

    Organization: Postman
    AsyncDiff is a library which compares two AsyncAPI Documents and generates diff between the two.
  • sayshreya

    Organization: FOSSology
    Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) will be included as one of the agents in similarity matching. NLP Library - SpaCy will be used in various agents for...
  • Aoji Xie

    Authentication and Authorization Service for the Alliance of Genome Resources
    Organization: Open Genome Informatics
    The Alliance of Genome Resources is a consortium of 6 model organism databases (MODs) and the Gene Ontology (GO) Consortium whose goal is to provide...
  • Umang Kalra

    Auto-Arrangement of Nodes in GraphEdit, VisualScript and VisualShaders
    Organization: Godot Engine
    This project aims to add the feature that would automatically arrange the nodes in the canvas of GraphEdit/VisualScript/VisualShader, in a systematic...
  • xing-zhi jiang

    autocomplete and related feature
    Organization: MariaDB Foundation
    The main goal of this project is to create a component that has a clear API that can provide autocomplete feature for the jupyter kernel -...
  • Ritik Malik

    Automate Metrics Release and Process Improvement
    Organization: CHAOSS Project
    Improving the metric release process and fully automating will not only save time, but it will also help us to define a central structure for the...
  • Yash Prakash

    Automate Metrics Release and Process Improvement
    Organization: CHAOSS Project
    CHAOSS metrics have been defined to provide an in-depth view into the various features of an open-source project. The metrics are also a key input to...
  • Shiv Charan Sharma

    Automate Reinforcement Process of Slab and Footing in FreeCAD
    Organization: BRL-CAD
    This project is to automate reinforcement process of slab and footing by using the Reinforcement Workbench in FreeCAD.
  • Mayur Shende

    Automated (AutoML) tool to clean univariate time series at microscales.
    Organization: The R Project for Statistical Computing
    The goal of this coding project is to develop a new R package, named 'cleanTS'. The expected tasks for this project are as follows: to understand...
  • Saransh Chopra

    Automated Twitter bot to run PyBaMM Simulations
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    This project aims to build an automated Twitter bot, using PyBaMM's wide range of abilities, that Generates battery degradation simulations with...
  • Naman Lakhwani

    Automated, Granular TLS client support in Thanos
    Organization: CNCF
    Thanos Querier component supports basic TLS configuration for internal gRPC communication. This works great for basic use cases but it still requires...
  • Niklas Schmitz

    Automatic differentiation in density-functional theory
    Organization: The Julia Language
    Density functional theory (DFT) is a key driving force in modern quantum chemistry, with applications ranging from materials science to drug...
  • Eshan Arora

    Automatic Generation of schema from directory
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    Automatic generating of Hub schema when pointed to a directory, instead of having to manually define it. The aim of this project is to eliminate the...
  • EasonC13

    Automatic Identification And Classification of Contract Data Types with NLP
    Organization: Accord Project
    Mapping between the natural language text of a contract and attempting to classify data types such as monetary amounts, dates and legal specific...
  • Anand Kumar

    Automatic Lineshape Engine
    Organization: openastronomy
    Radis is a fast line-by-line code used to synthesize high-resolution infrared molecular spectra and a post-processing library to analyze spectral...
  • Aleksey Dorkin

    Automatic Qualia Extraction and Annotation Tools
    Organization: FrameNet Brasil (UFJF)
    The proposed project is concerned with the implementation Automatic Generation of Qualia Relations between Lexical Units in FrameNet. The main point...
  • Utsav Akhaury

    Automatic Realization of AI-Based Electromagnetic Models
    Organization: gprMax
    The aim of this project is to integrate an automatic AI-based scheme into the gprMax environment such that it provides real-time FDTD solutions to...
  • Khushal Agarwal

    Automatically generate docs from the components
    Organization: React Native Elements
    Currently, the process of generating the documentation is manual and it requires updating the docs every time there is a change in props. We can use...
  • Anuj Lamoria

    Automatically identify Contributor Aliases
    Organization: CHAOSS Project
    The aim of this project is to generalize, and make available a PyPy distributable Python package the core functionality currently within the Augur...
  • Tasneem Koushar

    Automating Puppeteer’s Documentation - Tasneem Koushar
    Organization: Chromium
    Our challenge is to finish the remaining work to move Puppeteer’s Documentation into a documentation that will update its content with any new change...
  • Shriyanshu Kukreti

    Awesome Demo Game Project - Sisters of the Faldroid
    Organization: International Catrobat Association
    Sisters of the Faldroid is a 2D platformer game created on the Pocket Code App. In the game, we have two sisters i.e. Diana and Fiora, who are ruling...
  • Aman Gupta

    Awesome Demo Game Project : King Of Batona
    Organization: International Catrobat Association
    An Awesome Tutorial Game ( playable on both phones as well as on smart TV when cast ) in Catrobat Visual Programming Language. The game is inspired...
  • Aman Singh (eppisai)

    AXIOM Remote: Firmware Improvement And Extension
    Organization: apertus° Association
    Firmware as the name suggests is a bridge between User and hardware/features of Axiom Remote. Hence, there is a need for Firmware to follow good...
  • Muhammad Ehsan ul Haq

    Background Estimation with Neural AutoRegressive Flows
    Organization: Machine Learning for Science (ML4SCI) Umbrella Organization
    Neural AutoRegressive Flows are one of the most recent addition to the family of autoregressive flows. By using NAFs, probability density estimation...
  • Sinan Gençoğlu

    Background Estimation with Neural Autoregressive Flows Proposal
    Organization: Machine Learning for Science (ML4SCI) Umbrella Organization
    Data-driven background estimation is crucial for many scientific searches, including searches for new phenomena in experimental datasets. Neural...
  • Purvansh Singh

    Banking Service with Open Risk and Hydra Ecosystem
    Organization: Hydra Ecosystem
    The idea behind the project is to create a hydra-powered REST API that aims to serve the loan portfolio data to various consumers for regulating,...
  • Nishtha Bodani

    Organization: CCExtractor Development
    This project aims to develop a flutter build native interface to ease the group traveling (or hiking). By using this, the group leader would be able...
  • Aadi Bajpai

    Beacon Backend
    Organization: CCExtractor Development
    Backend for the Beacon project, with a focus on scalability and real-time low latency location synchronization.
  • Shreyas Swanand Atre

    Organization: BeagleBoard.org Foundation
    Beagle-Config is a tool-set, that aims to provide the functionality to make the most common low-level configuration changes in beagle devices easily...
  • Husni Faiz

    Beagleboard BSP: Add USB OTG Support
    Organization: RTEMS Project
    USB On-The-Go technology allows us to access different kinds of services through the USB interface. These services can be Ethernet, Serial, Mass...
  • Omkar Bhilare

    BeagleWire Software
    Organization: BeagleBoard.org Foundation
    Introduction The BeagleWire is an FPGA development platform that has been designed for use with BeagleBone boards. BeagleWire is a cape on which...
  • Utkarsh A. Mishra

    Behavior Metrics and Deep Learning Studio: Developing and Deploying Deep and Reinforcement Learning for Multiple-Robots
    Organization: JdeRobot - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
    Behavior Metrics comprises a wide range of robots with the pipeline completely set for various Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning (RL) setups....
  • Dhruva Gole

    Bela support for the BeagleBone AI and/or future TI boards
    Organization: BeagleBoard.org Foundation
    As given on the official website, Bela is a hardware and software system for creating beautiful interaction with sensors and sound. Bela consists of...
  • Suraj Kumar-3

    Benchmarking and improving Boost.Real
    Organization: Boost C++ Libraries
    Boost.Real aims at providing a data-type that can represent all types of computable real numbers and provides the flexibility of performing arbitrary...
  • Yash Pandey

    Benchmarking, Python bindings and Migrating to CTest for Casbin-CPP
    Organization: Casbin
    Casbin is an authorization library that extends its features to implement Access Control Lists, Role-Based Access Control, and Attribute-Based Access...
  • Tin Chon Chan

    Better Voxel Filter
    Organization: Point Cloud Library
    In PCL, there are a variety of filters, many of which contain similar filtering logic in at least part of their code. In the early years, the filters...
  • Abdallah Ahmed

    BibTeX Plugin Project
    Organization: Joplin
    Problem: Many users use Joplin for research purposes, so it is natural for them to do citations all the time. Accordingly, adding a feature that...
  • Diego E. Jiménez Urgell

    Binary Segmentation Package
    Organization: The R Project for Statistical Computing
    When dealing with time series, sometimes the trend in a signal seems to suddenly change at certain points. In many disciplines it is important to...
  • Prajna

    Bioinformatics with Jupyter Notebooks
    Organization: Open Genome Informatics
    For an open-source tool for bioinformatics like WormBase, it is essential to have thorough documentation of features and use cases. As part of this...
  • Lakshmi S

    Black Parrot on Open-Source Google-Skywater 130nm node
    Organization: Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation
    Black Parrot is a tiny, modular Linux capable open-source processor core that encourages external contributions and strives for infrastructure...
  • Siddhartha Jejurkar

    Blender - UV editor improvements
    Organization: Blender Foundation
    This project aims at improving certain existing UV editor tools and also adding some new features to better support workflows involving UDIM...
  • Cian Jinks

    Blender Knife Tool Improvements
    Organization: Blender Foundation
    This proposal aims to bring a selection of much needed improvements to the knife tool in Blender which will better the modelling workflow of the...
  • Ninad Jangle

    Block Based Circuit Design
    Organization: Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation
    Block-Based Circuit Design is a solution to counter the complexity of Circuit Design. We aim to develop and deploy a Block-Based TL-Verilog solution...
  • Prathamesh Tagore

    Boost.Gil : 2D convolution and correlation
    Organization: Boost C++ Libraries
    A layer of separation between two dimensional convolution and correlation was added. Support for many different boundary options along with...
  • Eduardo Quintana Miranda

    Boost.Math: FFT Utilities
    Organization: Boost C++ Libraries
    We propose the implementation of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) capabilities inside the Boost.Math library. This project answers the need for a C++...
  • Pan Yue

    Boost.Python: asyncio event loop implementation using Boost.Asio
    Organization: Boost C++ Libraries
    GIL is restricting Python code performance. There have been a long time that the Pythondevelopers are struggling to solve the...
  • Divyam Singal

    Boost.Real: Optimizing internal representation of operation and improving math functions
    Organization: Boost C++ Libraries
    Boost.Real aims to provide a data-type that can represent all types of computable real numbers and provides the flexibility of performing arbitrary...
  • Kannav Krishan Mehta

    Boost:uBlas : Finalizing and improving the subtensor type
    Organization: Boost C++ Libraries
    This project aims to extend the existing tensor extension of uBlas by providing support for subtensor, i.e. views of tensor type, along with the...
  • Nnamdi

    Boston.gov Solar Roof Potential
    Organization: Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics (City of Boston)
    This project uses computer vision, satellite imaging (Google Earth), and Analyze Boston to build a lightweight web service API that provides data on...
  • Sankalp (codesankalp)

    Bring professional efficiency to OpenWISP WiFi Login Pages
    Organization: OpenWISP
    The primary aim of this project was to bring professional efficiency by reducing boilerplate code, reducing the number of configuration lines with...
  • Veronia Iskandar

    Bring up CV32E40P AI accelerator on FPGA
    Organization: Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation
    The open-source RISC-V instruction set architecture is gaining interest throughout industry and academia. One advantage of RISC-V is the ability to...
  • sary nasser

    Bringing the context to the translators by a magic gate .
    Organization: LibreOffice
    make a User Interface that presents some context of the word in form of a dialog or a video that includes the word or the whole sentence ,that will...
  • Akash Saini

    Brokering Continuous Delivery through the ELIXIR Cloud service registry
    Organization: Global Alliance for Genomics and Health
    The solution will act as a BROKER that manages subscriptions for update notifications for each deployment subscribed by system administrators System...
  • ankit2001

    Bug Logging Tool
    Organization: OWASP Foundation
    Bugs or Issues are the vulnerabilities that you find on Websites or Applications when you expect some functionalities to occur but something else...
  • Piyush_Kumar

    bugRzilla: Helping submitting issues to R
    Organization: The R Project for Statistical Computing
    The idea of this project is to make enhancements for making it easier to review issues and submit new high-quality issues and adding functions to run...
  • Pinku Deb Nath

    Build an open-source realtime web video effects app
    Organization: MediaPipe
    MediaPipe fills the gap of handling the implementation of models for different systems and allows the developers to focus more on experimentation...
  • Priyansh Garg

    Build GitHub workflow-optimizing action, using GitHub APIs; Add Rocket.Chat import tool
    Organization: Zulip
    My first project aims at building a GitHub Action, for optimizing various GitHub related workflows, which will not only help the maintainers in...
  • Soumyadip Mondal

    Building a Cronet-based HTTP package in Dart
    Organization: Dart
    In this project, We’ll create an HTTP library that uses cronet (Chromium’s network stack) under the hood providing better performance, access to...
  • Shaik Ajmal R

    Building a Web Application Firewall that uses Machine Learning .
    Organization: OWASP Foundation
    The primary goal of my idea is to implement a WAF which uses Machine Learning to detect anomalies in web traffic. The proposed idea Since the...
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